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We have been growing organically since 2000.

For more than twenty years we have been looking for the quality of wine in the care of the vineyard and in the health of the grapes rather than in the technology and chemistry of the cellar.

We limit mechanized interventions and the use of pesticides allowed in organic farming to what is strictly necessary.

We put into practice the principles of biodynamic and regenerative agriculture, followed by advice from DEAFAL, EIT Food, CNR and

We favor biodiversity by building lakes (0.75 Ha), planting woods (14Ha) and hedges (1.5 Km) with local essences. We provide hospitality to a beekeeper.

We adhere to the FIVI (Italian Federation of Independent Winemakers), which brings together producers who make wine and bottle grapes exclusively from their own vineyards. We thus guarantee for every production operation.

For many years we have been members and part of the Board of Directors of the CTPB (Coordination of Tuscan Organic Producers).
Founded in 1983 as the first organic certification body in Tuscany, it then became an association of producers recognized by the Region whose intent is to promote the Tuscan organic and biodynamic sector.

We adhere to the
We believe it is critically important to be part of a network of local producers, for the exchange of knowledge and practices in a changing environment.