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The terrace is located on the top floor of the cellar and was designed to have the functions of a threshing floor, that is to thresh and dry cereals and legumes before their storage in wooden barrels or underground granaries, once, and in sacks today. .
It overlooks the Porta vineyard and the Valdelsa, in which the profile of the towers of San Gimignano stands out clearly, framed by cypresses.
Here is the welcome and the first stories about the local history and our family.

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Created after the purchase of the farm by our family, they consist of two main bodies:
– The tunnel dug in 1870 in the sandstone below the village of Vico, where the wines destined for the reserve rest in 350 l and 500 l Allier oak barrels. The natural humidity conditions and low temperatures guarantee the ideal environment for the aging of wines.
– the cellar, built in 1920 by Marcella Guicciardini to consolidate the hill on which the business center stands, was also used as a tractor workshop. It currently houses the steel vats for refining and assembly, the bottling plant and on the upper floors the bottled warehouse and the granary.

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A small Eden in which flowery pergolas, aromatic plants and fruit trees follow each other in a game of scents and colors.
A colony of completely self-sufficient turtles has lived there for more than fifty years, which animate it from spring to autumn while in the colder months they hibernate in underground dens.
From the garden you can enjoy a splendid view over the Valdelsa, over which the towers of San Gimignano proudly watch.

Villa Guicciardini


On the upper floors of the farm, located at the south east end of the town of Vico, there is the noble apartment, where the patrician families who later owned it lived.
We invite you on a journey through time to relive the environments of Tuscan aristocratic society: frescoes, stairways, paintings, furniture, objects and furnishings are those unchanged from a time that is no more.



From a smaller room you get to the heart of the house, you enter a tiny and prodigiously frescoed chapel.
Work of an excellent seventeenth-century painter, Giovanni Mannozzi da San Giovanni, it is dedicated to the Madonna and to the episodes of her life, portrayed in six larger frescoes and others of smaller dimensions.
The landscapes depicted have a strangely familiar air, they are in fact localities in the surroundings that frame these sacred images.



In the foundations of the business center there is a large room with seventeenth-century vaults which from time immemorial until the 1970s served as an oil mill.
The nineteenth-century wooden press, built by the family of carpenters who provided their services to the Farm for three consecutive generations, is still present. In the mill there are also elements of more modern systems of decanting and mechanical separation of the oil from its aqueous component, while the millstones have been dislocated and used for aesthetic purposes outdoors. Since last year, the olive mill has been used as a tasting room and has been equipped with an understated and cozy decor.

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