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The building that houses the concrete tanks of the Avanella cellar was built by Marcella Guicciardini in the early 1950s, to expand and modernize the cellars of the company, largely made up of vats with wooden barrels.
Today we continue to use the same environments and the same tanks for winemaking, now equipped with a fermentation temperature control system.

In the Avanella cellar the musts make the alcoholic and malolactic fermentation. Before the arrival of the spring heat, the wines are transferred to the aging cellar in Vico d’Elsa, which, thanks to its natural conformation, guarantees optimal aging conditions.

Vico d’Elsa

The aging cellar in Vico consists of two main bodies:

– The BARRICCAIA: excavated after the purchase of the farm in 1870 in the sandstone, once the main cellar, where we store about 100 hl of wine in 350 l and 500 l Allier oak barrels. The natural conditions of humidity and temperature guarantee an optimal environment for the evolution of more structured wines that mature in wood.
We try not to overwhelm the identity of our wines with the aromas that the aging in wood gives. For this in the newly purchased barriques we ferment the Chardonnay, which remains there from September to February and takes care of the first and most consistent release of aromas from the wood, taking on structure and a buttery note. Subsequently, year after year, the more structured Sangiovese matures and converge in the Chianti Riserva (or in the Chianti Superiore in the minor vintages), for which the ability of the barriques to ensure the gradual polymerization of tannins is important, thanks to which the wines become quickly more ready and soft. We keep the barrels in use even for decades, until we notice an improvement in the wines that are stationed there.

– The CELLAR: built in 1920 by Marcella Guicciardini to consolidate the hill on which the business center stands. It currently houses the steel vats for refining and assembly, the bottling plant and the bottled warehouse on the upper floors. It is an imposing building that refers to the Florentine Renaissance style: the ashlar cladding of the facade allows it to integrate into the landscape despite its size.