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Organic wines

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Wines that tell the territory

The Tuscan varieties present in the vineyards constitute, together with the different Sangiovese clones, the palette we draw on to compose the ‘color’ of our wines, with laborious harvests in which we collect the various grapes separately.

The vineyard is the beating heart of the company.
It occupies only 14% of the land, but absorbs more than two thirds of the hours worked each year.




Organic wine

A white that combines the aromas and grace of Tuscan grapes, with the softness and body of the French one.
Made from Chardonnay fermented in barrels and Malvasia Bianca and Trebbiano fermented in steel .
All three varieties macerate for twenty-four hours on the skins, giving Sparéto a savory note and character.

Bottles produced: 2,700

Grape varieties
Chardonnay 40%
Chianti Malvasia Bianca 35%
Trebbiano 25%

Analytical data
Alcohol content:13.66%
Sugars:< 1 g / l
Total acidity (as tartaric acid): 4.58 g/l




Organic wine

Made from Ciliegiolo grapes and with a touch of Sangiovese and Trebbiano.
Grapes are harvested at full maturity to ensure aromatic complexity and volume.
Pressing takes place the day after harvest after a night of maceration on the skins.
A Tuscan Rosé with intense color and enveloping body.

Bottles produced: 1,600

90% cherryiolo
Sangiovese 5%.
Trebbiano 5%

Analytical data
Alcohol content: 13.44%.
Sugars:< 1 g / l
Total acidity (as tartaric acid): 4.48 g/l


The fermentation of the reds is spontaneous (indigenous yeasts) and is favored through the inoculation with a small quantity of selected grapes, put to ferment a few days in advance (pied de cuve). This technique allows us to reduce the risks associated with fermentation and therefore the use of sulphites. Furthermore, thanks to the great attention paid to the vineyard and the consequent better quality of the grapes, the use of additives in the cellar is minimal.



Organic wine

Produced from an unusual blend in which minor varieties of red grapes prevail.
A fresh and fruity red, structured but not tannic.
The Bordeaux wine is one liter for greater sharing and conviviality.

Malvasia Nera 50%
Dolcetto 33%
Sangiovese 17%

Analytical data
Alcoholic degree: 12.9%
Sugars:< 1 g / l
Total acidity (in tartaric acid): 4.3 g / l



Organic wine

A fruity Chianti, ready to drink, which expresses well the varietal character of Sangiovese.
Produced with a first step of harvest, which allows us to maintain some characteristics of the grapes in the finished wine: acidity, fruity taste and varietal expression.
The presence of some minor Tuscan vines smooths the tannicity of Sangiovese, as was the case in the Chianti of the past.

Bottles produced: 20 000

Sangiovese 95%.
Trebbiano 5%

Analytical data
Alcohol content: 13.96%.
Sugars:< 1 g / l
Total acidity (in tartaric acid) : 4.63 g/l



Organic wine

The most representative wine of our company: produced since 1965, it collects the experience of three generations of Majnoni.
A wine made in the vineyard, with grapes harvested in the central period of the harvest.
Full and structured, aged in concrete and partly in oak, it is pleasant when young and expresses its best six years after the harvest.

Bottles produced: 18 000

100% Sangiovese

Analytical data
Alcohol content: 13.79%.
Sugars: 0.35 g/l
Total acidity (in tartaric acid): 4.75 g / l



Organic wine

Chianti Riserva is born from the ripest grapes harvested at the end of the harvest. We only produce it in the best years.
Maceration on the skins for three weeks and refining in barriques for several steps.
An occasional wine that acquires elegance with bottle aging and reaches its best expression between six and ten years after the harvest.

Bottles produced: 10 700

100% Sangiovese

Analytical data
Alcohol content: 14.55%.
Sugars: 0.4 g/l
Total acidity (as tartaric acid): 4.76 g/l