with organically grown grapes

Vineyards of origin: S.Pietro (50%), Patrignoncello (38%), Patrignone (12%)
Variety of grapes: sangiovese 90%, colorino 10%
Type of terrain: sandy, clay
Years of establishment: 1973 S.Pietro, Patrignone, 2003 Patrignoncello, 2005 S.Pietro nuova
Planting distances: 3 m x 1,2 m S.Pietro, Patrignone, 2.5 m x 0,8 m Patrignoncello, S.Pietro nuova
Aspect: South and South West
Pruning: cordone speronato and guyot

Data of 2011 harvest
Grape yield per hectare:60 quintals
Grape yield per vine: 1,6 kg
Manual and selective grape harvest, pressing and destalking, 22 days average steeping, both for Sangiovese and for Colorino. Separated processes for date of harvest, variety and vineyard.

Analytical data of must
Sugars: 243 g/l
Acidity: 6,4 g/l
The wine spontaneously completes the malo-lactic fermentation between the drawing off process and the beginning of Winter. Ageing is performed in French oak barriques during 11 months and only after the wines coming from different vineyards are blended. Refining in bottles lasts at least 6 months.

Analytical data of finished wine
Alcohol: 14,5% vol
Total acidity: 4,6 g/l
pH 3,70
Residual sugars 0,9 g/l
Dry extract: 32 g/l
Bottled production: 11.700 0,75 l bottles

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