Organic wine

Vineyards of origin: Patrignone, Santo Pietro
Type of terrain : Sand, clay
Variety of grapes: Malvasìa nera 58 %, Dolcetto 22%, Ciliegiolo 4%, Pugnitello 5%, Trebbiano 10%
Years of establishment: 1973 Patrignone, 2007 Santo Pietro
Planting distances: 3 x 1,2 m (Patrignone), 2,5 x 0,8 m (S.Pietro)
Aspect: South West
Pruning: Guyot

Data of 2017 harvest
Grape yield per hectare: 26 quintals
Grape yield per vine: 0,9 kg

Very dry summer, good ripening, manual and selective grape harvest beginning of September – ciliegiolo, dolcetto, malvasia nera – and end of September – pugnitello and trebbiano. Separated processes for date of harvest, grape and vineyard

Analytical data of must
Sugars 236 g/l
Acidity: 6,0 g/l

Pressing and destalking, 12 days steeping at 26° C controlled temperature. The wine spontaneously completes the malo-lactic fermentation. Blended in January, filtered and bottled in February, it is a “summer wine”, able to evolve positively for two years after the vintage.

Analytical data of the finished wine
Alcohol: 13,94% vol
Residual sugars < 1 g/l
Total acidity 4,83 g/l
pH 3,82
Bottled production: 1700 x 1 l bottles

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