The olive grove

Unlike the vineyards, the olive grove has been on the same site for over fifty years. It was decimated by the 1985 frost and was replanted in 1989 with a closer spacing and minimal pruning, producing a top-quality oil but in moderate quantities.
From the year 2000 we gradually returned to the traditional system of a vaso pruning, which is labour-intensive but better suited to our area.
The olives are hand picked in early November, as soon as the mill where we press our oil opens. Pressing takes place at 25°C, by centrifuging the olive paste, and is carried out every two days to limit the oxidation of the fruit as far as possible and preserve the intense flavours of the fruit in the oil.

Olive grove at Fracassino

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2018 EVO production confirm the tipical bitterness and spiciness of Tuscan olive oil, with a special softness due to early ripening of the olives.