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Rooted in tradition, attentive to innovation

This year the farm celebrates a century and a half under the guidance of our family.

During this time, many things have changed.

The decline of the landed aristocracy has come about; after the war the sharecropping management ended and the “green revolution” spread; starting from the 80s the renaissance of wine has given back the centrality to the quality of the products and to the vocation of the territory, finding its maximum expression in the last twenty years thanks to the spread of organic agriculture.

Each of these historical events was faced by a generation of our family who interpreted by adapting the strategies and structures of the company.

We have thus consolidated an identity over time and in the territory that allows us to cross the fashions that influence the wine world and to maintain a stable and resilient course that often protects us from the whims of the market.


2019 – 2020

Organic wine

The strong biodiversity of the territory, the careful care in the phases of vegetative development, the qualitative choice at the expense of quantities, the measured use of sulfur and copper, the centrality of the strategies and the stages of harvest, the spontaneous fermentations, the minimum intervention in cellar…
Our wines are born in the vineyard and arrive intact on your tables, loaded with contents: take the time to listen to them.

2020 – 2021

Organic EVO Oil

The particular mixture of clays and sands of our territory has always produced a high quality olive oil. For ten years we have been cold pressing our olives at the Carmignani oil mill in San Casciano, in which we renew our trust year after year. We keep the oil in the pan of medieval origins, keeping the storage temperature constant.

Villa Guicciardini

Guided tours

Spend a pleasant cultural moment among ancient cellars, seventeenth-century villas and splendid gardens tasting our products accompanied by a platter of organic cheeses and meats or with a light lunch or buffet.

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